Meet the Founders

Their vision and spirit which inspire them to help companies reaching new markets 

VP of Marketing

Jean Claude Therrien is an avid and successful business man, He has a vast experience in USA and Canadian markets, leading and representing OEMs in Canada , he has opened and conquered Canadian markets for US companies in the Industry of Construction, Machinery Manufacturing, Pharma and Aviation.

Impassioned by nature he enjoys hunting and fly fishing. As a beloved father of two beautiful daughters and a son; he and his wife enjoyed a peaceful and wonderful life in Saint Lazare, QC. which allow them to be in touch with mother nature in a beautiful country house full of real Canadian forest.

Jean Claude holds a DEC in Finance, he is fully multilingual in French, English and Germany.

Jean Claude Therrien is a fCo-Founder and key part of Global Import America bringing tremendous value to the corporation, driving the entire organization to a sustainable growth.

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President & CEO

Arturo Contreras is a blossoming entrepreneur who holds a Master degree in Business Administration from The University of Phoenix and has been at the helm of many successful companies. A dedicated businessman with many years of experience in international commerce and distribution. Born in  Mexico, Arturo considers himself an “Ice-Breaker” in the entrepreneurial world  who swoons over golf courses but also attracted to help companies to excel its market footprint, fashion and luxury living. Arturo is fluent in Spanish, English, and French with dual citizenship in Canada and Mexico an advantage who has lead him to understand the needs and complexity of North American markets.  He is an avid traveler with a vocation of exploring different business-cultures while representing his own, making him a social ambassador and a global socialite. His passion of God, business savvy, and international commerce expertise have led him to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams, one of them being international commerce and global distribution.

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